We must take care of our home, the Earth

What is Impact Assessment?
February 1, 2017

“We do not inherit the Earth from our Ancestors, we borrow it from our children.”

Ancient Indian Proverb.


Our planet faces two phenomena caused by unconsciousness in the exploitation and waste of natural and non-natural resources. Wars, war tests; inefficient manipulation of garbage; environmental pollution, among other elements, intervene throughout the ecosystem destruction process of our land. All of the above has generated two consequences: “Climate Change” and “Global Warming”. Both with negative impacts on the ecosystem that directly affect the elements that guarantee our subsistence on this planet.

None of the above are good news for the preservation of the human race in time, or at least not as we know it. So far, since evolution could give us some surprises, it could make us adapt to the new natural dispositions. While this is being discussed with the experts, the rest should be responsible for managing resources in a conscious way, implementing actions that have a more positive impact on the environment.

One of the resources that are beginning to scarce is the hydric, water scarcity is felt significantly in urban or rural populations. The statistics indicate that 1 billion people do not have the vital liquid today and the numbers are increasing while in other places the resource is wasted without any control. Web page “La Huella Digital” indicates in an article that this is due to:

Climate change affects water resources since a disproportionate increase in temperature along with a large decrease in rainfall, can lead to a decrease in these contributions and an increase in irrigation systems. These phenomena could lead to a shortage of water regardless global human needs. Water resources in areas with medium temperatures or low rainfall are very sensitive to an increase in temperature or a large decrease in rainfall. In semi-arid areas, these changes can report for 50% of the available resources in the area.

Without water 70% of human activities are affected. One of the main risk is the sowing. This affects the population directly since food and water are vital to maintain operative the biological subject. What we are facing is very serious. For this, we need population commitment so that actions can sum a massive and positive impact in reversing the damage already caused.

Rujo Services”, aware of the global problem decides to initiate its concrete action in order to weave a people network that from the ecological conscience, do one’s bit and  encourages the care of our “Pachamama”. For this, enforces the “Movimiento Ecológico; Semillas para el Futuro“.

We have 4 years encouraging the use of technologies that have a favorable impact on the environment with the use of eco-steam technology that allows chemical free sanitation that removes harmful foodborne pathogens while deodorizing and sterilizing surfaces. We understand that water is a scarce resource and therefore we make a conscious use in our services. However, we consider that it is not enough and that ecological activities are necessary as well as educate in the awareness of what it means to live on this planet. That is why the Ecological Movement is relevant.

The Movement has the objective of “promoting ecological and recreational activities that contribute to protect the environment; build seedbeds and planting, to strengthen the “lung” of the city of Caracas”. This objective contributes to pollution decreasing by planting trees. So, rivers could have a little more active life without contamination and our children can count on oxygen in the future.

Venezuela is the entrance to South America where Amazon Rainforest is located and it is known as the “lung of humanity”. Represents the hope for the future of the human species. Therefore, take a look to the south is necessary to take care of the “hope of life”. The Amazon Rainforest also counts with many resources that can be protected if we make conscious use of them. This is why we encouraged the start of this movement from this point on the globe.

Last Sunday, January 22nd a formal project began with a group of professionals who are aware of all of the above. These professionals will be performing the following activities:

* Seed collection.

* Build seedbeds to contribute to urban gardens.

* Trees planting to be inserted in the main lungs of Caracas.

* Conduct training workshops on seed treatment procedures.

* Beach cleaning.

* Family recreation activities in natural areas.

We consider this activities as an initiative that invites those who are interested in contributing positively to the environment, humanity and the future.


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