Ways to Stop Pollution

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January 26, 2017
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January 28, 2017

Understanding the various forms of pollution and how it is created form the first steps in discovering the best way to stop it. Individuals create pollution and individuals can put an end to many forms of pollution.

Pollution affects all the elements of an ecosystem, including air, water and soil. Solutions must be found to combat all types of pollution so that delicate ecosystems can thrive once again.

Clean Energy

Clean energy is renewable energy which doesn’t deplete natural resources or cause environmental harm. Renewable energy includes bioenergy, wind, hydroelectricity, solar and geothermal energy.

  • Bioenergy is produced from living things such as trees and plants. Certain crops are grown, such as corn and soybeans and harvested to produce energy in the form of biofuel.
  • Wind turbines convert kinetic energy by moving air into mechanical energy, which is then converted into electricity. No emissions or solid wastes are produced during the production wind energy, but can often have the negative impact of noise pollution.
  • Hydroelectricity is electricity produced by the gravitational force of falling or flowing water. Many of the world’s dams also serve as hydroelectric plants. This is currently the most widely used form of renewable energy.
  • Solar power is energy produced from the heat and light of the sun.
  • Geothermal energy is the naturally occurring thermal energy that is produced by the Earth’s molten inner core.

Electric Cars and Hybrids

Electric cars are powered exclusively by electricity instead of gasoline, which is stored in the car’s rechargeable batteries. In the past, major automakers would not commit to producing this type of vehicle since the battery charges had very limited driving ranges before needing to be recharged. In addition, the recharging times were extremely long and production costs were very high. With new battery technology, electric cars are more cost effective, have an increased energy storage and require shorter recharging times. This means that automakers have finally embraced this technology.

Hybrid cars use a combination of electricity and gas. The car has an electric motor as well as an internal combustion engine. This allows the car to use less gas.

Preventing Water Pollution

There are several things you can do to stop water pollution and they are very easy. Steps you can take to help prevent water pollution include:

  • Don’t litter, especially in or near water sources
  • Organize a community cleanup event near a river or lake where you live
  • Use green household cleaners and laundry detergents
  • Use natural lawn fertilizers, such as manure instead of chemical fertilizers
  • Buy organic food that is produced without the use of chemical pesticides or fertilizers
  • Dispose of hazardous materials, such as paint, motor oil, antifreeze and lawn fertilizers responsibly, never down household drains or in the gutter

Preventing Soil Pollution

To help prevent topsoil pollution, follow the same steps used to prevent water pollution, such as changing over to organic cleaners and detergents, and disposing of toxic chemicals and solvents responsibly. Other steps you can take to help stop land pollution include:

  • Recycle paper, plastics, aluminum cans and other materials to reduce garbage in landfills
  • Join a community effort to replant trees
  • Buy reusable cloth grocery bags to use instead of plastic bags

Unraveling the Mystery of Stopping Pollution

Stopping pollution is a complicated issue that takes the effort of big industry as well as individual lifestyle changes. However, no change is too small when it comes to individual efforts. Be proactive in stopping pollution because the best way to influence others is to lead by example.

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