Kitchen Vent Hood Cleaning

We, at RUJO SERVICES provide professional, certified, insured and specialized vent hood cleaning service for commercial kitchens in restaurants, hotels, schools, hospitals, cafeterias and more.

Our cleaning procedures are in accordance with NFPA 96 fire codes and in compliance with Fire Marshall and Health Departments. Additionally, our certified vent hood cleaning services will satisfy insurance company requirements for required periodic cleaning of the kitchen exhaust vent hood system.

Our Services Benefits Include:

Before and After Pictures
RUJO will provide you with Before and After pictures of everything cleaning
Complete System Cleaning
We always clean the exhaust complete system (Hood, Filter, Ducts and Fan)
Access Panel CLeaning
Per code NFPA 96, All access panel should be inspected and cleaning every time your system is clean
We will Clean your Air Makeup Filters
RUJO cleans your Make-up-air filters every time we clean your system
Lubrication of Fan Bearings
RUJO always lubricates your Fan bearing. This will prolong your fan bearing live and it will help reduces that metal to metal sound
Fan Belt Replacement
Never pay extra again when your fan belt breaks during rush hours. RUJO will Replacement of your fan belt when needed at not extra charge to you.
Light Buld Replacement
RUJO Cleans your light bulb cover and replace light bulbs as needed
Drip Pan Installation
RUJO will install a roof drip pan under your exhaust fan. This will control small to medium grease spill. If you need a bigger grease containment we also provide those services
Back Wall Cleaning
RUJO Cleanings your Backsplash wall behind the cookline**. **One stainless steel wall directly under the vent hood. If we are not able to easily move your equipment, we will clean up to the equipment line without moving it