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The hood cleaning professionals at Rujo Services provide persistent exhaust hood cleanings with benefits you won't find anywhere else. We service all residential and commercial buildings with kitchen hoods in Houston at unbeatable rates.

Restaurant Hood Cleaning requirements

The National Fire Protection Association requires all buildings with commercial hoods to have them cleaned on a regular basis. Here is a general guideline:

Monthly: Solid fuel cooking operation systems

Quarterly: High-volume cooking, such as 24-hour cooking, wok cooking and charbroiling systems

Semi-Annually: Moderate volume cooking systems

Annually: Low volume cooking, such as churches, day camps, senior centers and seasonal businesses.


Who we service

Almost any home or building with kitchen hoods!

  • Restaurants (fast-food, dine-in and everything in between!)

  • Schools

  • Universities

  • Nursing Homes

  • Residential homes with hoods

  • Airport restaurants

  • Food trucks

  • Gas stations

  • Supermarkets/ Grocery stores

  • Churches

  • Day camps

  • Seasonal businesses

  • And more!


Our service benefits

We go above and beyond for our customers

  • Before & after photos provided after every cleaning

  • Complete system cleaning, including the hood, filters, ducts and fan

  • Inspect and clean access panels

  • Clean air filters

  • Lubricate fan bearings

  • Replace fan belt when needed (at no extra charge)

  • Replace or clean light bulbs as needed

  • Install a grease drip pan to control grease spill

  • Clean back wall to the equipment line (hard-to-move equipment will be cleaned around)

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