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How to Keep Your Kids Room Clean

Updated: Mar 22, 2019

Rujo Services has been operating our Houston house cleaning and apartment service since 2014, so you can believe us when we say: Your house is not the worst we've seen! One area that nearly every family struggles with is keeping the kids' room (or rooms) clean. We've all been there, so if you need some tips on how to keep your kids' room clean, we’ve got you covered:

Explain the Job to Them

Sounds silly, right? But there's a difference between telling your kids to clean their rooms and explaining what's expected of them. Let them know that everyone in the family has important jobs, including the kids. Mom or dad has to work in order to pay the bills, buy the groceries and clean their bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and so on. Their job as kids is to do well in school, but also to pick up their toys, put dirty laundry in the hamper and vacuum. Tailor the jobs to their age, obviously, but let them know that it's all part of helping the family.

Set a Schedule and Goals

Cleaning probably doesn't have to be an everyday thing if you keep up with it. Schedule times during the week for picking up toys, clothes and clutter, and then do it as a family. "Everyone is cleaning for 15 minutes!" Give them a goal or reward for completing the tasks. For example, no one gets to use electronics, watch TV or have a snack until the task is done.

Make a Checklist

Younger kids often appreciate a checklist for chores like cleaning a room. A dry erase board can work well for this, or you can print out paper checklists. Include every task that you want the child to fulfill, such as making the bed, putting the toys away, dusting furniture or the windowsill, and so on.

Use Bribery!

Rewards can be a nice way to keep kids on task and working toward keeping their room clean. Offer a simple reward or prize for the end of the week every time the child has all of their room-cleaning tasks completed.

Hire Us for House Cleaning in Houston

You knew we were going to suggest that, right? Rujo Services is here to take the load off your shoulders when it comes to keeping your house or apartment clean. And here's the really great news: Bedrooms are included in our "Everything Service." Our expert cleaners will vacuum the carpets, sweep and mop, dust the ceiling fans and windowsills, wipe down your furniture and clean the light fixtures. We'll even make up the beds!

If you're too busy to "do it all," our Houston house cleaning and apartment service is standing by to help. Call us at 844-639-4115 to get a free quote today!

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Aug 11, 2020

You can even help keep your costs down because you won’t have to pay your general contractor for the extra time needed for the debris disposal. You can load the dumpster yourself, or, for an additional fee our team can do it for you.

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